Monday, 26 September 2011

The Quest for Ebooks

Being a book lover, with a really physical relation with the "book object" – with the touch of the cover, the smell of paper, the comforting weight in my bag – I would have never imagined to fall so deeply in the hole of electronic books. 
Not completely my fault, indeed: it's mostly iPad's fault, in fact. The chance to put dozens of books I like to read, or just to have with me, in one single thin device I can always carry along with me is absolutely incredible. Pure luxury, to me, and so it happened: I now have many (e)books that I can read always in my pouch, always at hand, whether I am walking around, lying in my bed, or waiting for the train.
The quest for ebooks has definitely started!

For more infos, see my page on ebooks on my personal site.

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