Thursday, 6 October 2011

Death, Sheriff Woody & Za-gor-te-nay

In a few, sad days, two great men who affected almost every day of my life passed away.
The 26th of September, 2011, Sergio Bonelli died. For those who do not know him, "Sergio Bonelli Editore" is the most important Italian publisher of comic books. In its typical "Bonelli format" (one-hundred B&W pages, paperback), many of the most popular and lasting Italian comic characters were published: Tex, Zagor, Martin Mystère, Dylan Dog, Mister No, Julia, Nathan Never, Magico Vento, and many others. More than 60 years of comics forged a new way in which stories (in Italy, but in many other countries, too) are told and drawn, and affected the imagination of several generations of readers, youngsters and not-so-young, too.
The 5th of October, less than two weeks after, Steve Jobs died, too. He changed the industry, but also the everyday life of many people throughout the world. He was the well-known father of Apple – and then of Apple II, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iTunes – and less known founder of Next – where Mac OS X essentially comes from – and of Pixar – so, the father of Woody the Cowboy and of many other great characters.
If one would wonder what they do had in common, well, I am not here to tell exactly: but to me, they changed almost every day of my life in the last thirty years. In too many ways to be recollected in a few words here. And so, I'm deeply grateful for what they did, and I am so sad they no longer belong to this world.
Well, one thing surely they had in common: both were remembered generally for their many successes, whereas they both liked to remind everyone of their many failures, pointing out many times how failures had shaped anyway their path toward their best achievements.
And so, now, we who are left to remember them, looking around in slight despair to see whether other men of similar level and impact would ever rise again, and change our life in the same way Bonelli and Jobs did... we are then left with one hope, at least. That someone else with comparable genius and creativity will be strong enough to travel over the arid lands of his own mistakes and failures, so to come and share the beautiful toys he crafted for us.

Thanks Sergio, thanks Steve.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ebooks on my site: first draft

I've drafted my site's page on ebooks. It's clearly incomplete, but shows already what I mean to use my site for: ideas, thoughts, reflections, links, all organised according to my own view on the matter.

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Quest for Ebooks

Being a book lover, with a really physical relation with the "book object" – with the touch of the cover, the smell of paper, the comforting weight in my bag – I would have never imagined to fall so deeply in the hole of electronic books. 
Not completely my fault, indeed: it's mostly iPad's fault, in fact. The chance to put dozens of books I like to read, or just to have with me, in one single thin device I can always carry along with me is absolutely incredible. Pure luxury, to me, and so it happened: I now have many (e)books that I can read always in my pouch, always at hand, whether I am walking around, lying in my bed, or waiting for the train.
The quest for ebooks has definitely started!

For more infos, see my page on ebooks on my personal site.

Monday, 19 September 2011

... and a personal site, too.

It may seem that I'm a web addicted: before I really know what my blog is meant for, I also added a personal web site, where I plan to record and organise all the relevant info that I don't mind sharing.
Which may not be the clearest of the declaratories, but it's anyway what I have in mind now.
Ok, I'm a web addicted ;)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

What is the goal of a blog, today?

Sorry, I've no answers for that, for now. I have my XWiki, my FaceBook, my Google+, my personal notes and productivity tools in the cloud, my papers and my books. I can write, record, annotate, read and share anything from anywhere.
Why, then, should I have a blog? What's the purpose of posting a blog entry, today?
I have a few ideas on the matter, we'll see whether they do work, actually.

Friday, 9 September 2011